Enokitake <em>(Flammulina Velutipes)</em>


Vegetal and sterile substrate 4.5 kg bags, that favour the growth and development of the fungus, from which about 600-900 gr of mushrooms will be obtained in two crops in a month’s time.

Mushroom Characteristics

  • This mushroom is very appreciated in China and Japan, due to its organoleptic characteristics (flavour, texture, smell, colour…) and medicinal properties. They are attributed strong antitumoural and anticarcinogenic properties.
  • There is a great difference in appearance between the wild mushrooms and the cultivated mushrooms of this kind. Whereas the wild mushroom grow usually with a light or dark brown colour and a not very long stalk; the cultivated mushroom grows in an environment with a higher CO2 concentration and less illumination, which gives it a slender appearance, with a long and thin stalk, a small cap and a whitish colour.
  • They have a very delicate and fragile texture, their fruity flavour give them a special touch when they are fresh, in salades or not very cooked.

Growing Management and Characteristics

  • Growing duration: Around a month yielding two crops. It pinheads easily.
  • Temperature range: Between 10/18ºC, with the optimal temperatura between 13/15ºC.
  • Relative air humidity: 85–87%..
  • CO2 concentration should be kept as high as possible. With CO2 concentration lower than 1.000 ppm, the stalks length will tend to shorten, thicken, and the cap will tend to open.
  • Illumination: In order to obtain a smaller cap and a white colour, it is convenient to grow it with a dim light, between 100–200 lux/8h. With higher values the cap will tend to get bigger, to open, the stalk will thicken, and the colour will tend to get yellow.


  • Remove the top of the bag, keeping four fingers length of plastic. Scratching the surface will be convenient to favour pinheading. The top of the bag should be profusely and daily watered, until the first pinheads appear.
  • In order to achieve adequate conditions, with a high CO2 concentration and a low light intensity, the shelves could be covered with black plastic. This way, a mushroom fitter for the market’s demands will be obtained.