King Oyster Mushroom <em>(Pleurotus Eryngii)</em>


Vegetal and sterile substrate 4.5 kg bags, that favour the growth and development of the fungus, from which about 750-1.000 gr of mushrooms will be obtained in two crops.

Mushroom Characteristics

  • Medium or large sized mushroom.
  • Expanded brown coloured cap, between greyish and pale coloured. The color intensity will depend on the cultivation management, and the variety chosen.
  • Firm, consistent flesh, with a fine flavour.
  • The fat content is very low, and the composition is very rich in proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins B1 and B2.

Growing Management and Characteristics

  • Growing duration: Between 12–17 days the first crop and 13–15 days more for the second crop. The crop yielding speed will depend on the temperature, and if casing soil is used or not.
  • Temperature range: Between 10/20ºC, with the optimal temperature between 15/17ºC.
  • CO2 concentration in its environment: It should be kept under 900 ppm during all the growing cycle. It is convenient not to surpass 1.100 ppm, and to try to grow them between 650-800 ppm.
  • The first 2-3 days relative air humidity should be kept between 90–92% and later the values should be lowered to 87-89%. It is not convenient to surpass 92% nor let the relative air humidity drop below 84%.
  • Illumination: 800-1.500 lux, 8 hours a day.


  • Using properly moistured and integrated casing soil, the growth will be more homogeneous, and the cycles will be shorter than if no casing soil is used. Without casing soil, special care should be taken with the relative air humidity and the ventilation power, because the bag will be more exposed to adverse conditions. The second crops will be less productive if casing soil is not used.
  • When the first crop is harvested, stems should be removed and the substrate should be watered profusely.