King Oyster Mushroom <em>(Pleurotus Eryngii)</em> variety EN


  • Medium or large sized mushroom.
  • Expanded cap from dark grey to black with streaks.
  • Firm, consistent and fine flavoured flesh.
  • Very productive.

Growing Characteristics

  • Quick incubation and crop yielding.
  • Cultivating time: between 12–17 days the first crop and 13–15 days more for the second crop.
  • Temperature range: between10/20ºC, the optimal temperature is between 15/17ºC.
  • Ilumination: 800–1.500 lux, 8 hours a day.


  • Temperature should not be allowed to rise for long periods over 30ºC during the INCUBATION period.
  • Sudden temperature changes should be avoided during the incubation period to prevent condensation in the substrate.
  • During the GROWING PERIOD room CO2 concentration should be kept under 900 ppm.
  • During the first days, the relative air humidity should be kept in 90% and later decrease it to an 85%.
  • Fruiting bodies should be harvested once the mushroom’s edge is straight and before it starts to break.


It is a great quality mushroom for selling in high quality specialized, or high quality markets.

Recommended Sowing Season

Depending on the conditions of the cultivation facilities, from November to June.