Black Poplar <em>(Agrocybe Aegerita)</em>


Vegetal and sterile substrate 4.5 kg bags, that favour the growth and development of the fungus, from which about 750 gr of mushrooms will be obtained in two crops in a month’s time.

Mushroom Characteristics

  • Small or medium sized.
  • Typically brown or ochre coloured cap, with white flesh.
  • Long and thin stalk with a fibrous texture, which combined with the cap’s more delicate flesh, provides a nice contrast when eaten.

Growing Management and Characteristics

  • Growing duration: 15–17 days the first crop and 15–17 days more for the second crop. The crop yielding speed will depend on the temperature.
  • Temperature range: Between 13/25ºC, with the optimal temperature between 18/20ºC.
  • CO2 concentration: Under 900 ppm.
  • Relative air humidity: 88–90% during the complete growing cycle.
  • Illumination: 800-1.500 lux, 8 hours a day.


  • The plastic on the top should be removed, and no casing soil will be required. Water profusely and daily the upper surface of the bag until harvest time, keeping the top constantly moist.
  • Once the plastic on the top is removed, it is convenient to scratch the entire surface, to encourage pinheading.
  • Temperature should not drop below 16/17ºC, because the cycle would last longer, and production could decrease.