Black Poplar <em>(Agrocybe Aegerita)</em> variety AA9


  • From small to medium sized.
  • Typically brown or ochre coloured cap, with white flesh.
  • Long and thin stalk with a fibrous texture, which combined with the cap’s more delicate flesh, provides a nice contrast when eaten.

Growing Characteristics

  • A 7% spawn rate is used in sowing.
  • It grows in a substrate made of wheatstraw and some hens’ excrement.
  • Incubation lasts about 30 days.
  • CO2 concentration: It should be kept between 1.000 and 1.500 ppm.
  • Relative air humidity: 88–90% during all the cultivation cycle.


  • During the first 15 incubation days the substrate temperature should be kept between 28/30ºC, and drop gradually throughout the cycle until 20/22º.
  • It could take3 or 4 weeks more to see the first pinheads.
  • A mild ventilation should be keep during all the cultivation process.
  • The room temperature should be kept between 20 and 22ºC.
  • Fruit bodies should be harvested just before the velum opens.
  • Once harvested, they should be kept refrigerated and should not be stored too long.


For fresh market selling, in bulk or in trays.