GURELAN was born in 1963 as an agricultural cooperative. In the70s, with the impetus and the experience of people who had worked in the pharmaceutical industry, they start producing spawn for mushroom cultivation, the main business area of the company ever since.

Throughout these 50 years, GURELAN has grown thanks to customer confidence in the company and its products. And they have been undertaking continuously research, development, and improvement of the spawn production system projects. Some examples of this development and investment effort are the production plant implemented in 2002 and the mass spawn production process in 2014.

Team Gurelan


GURELAN is a business project with strong cooperative principles supported in values such as preferential option for people, honesty and corporate responsibility, and customer focused, in the search for the highest quality of its products and services. Staff and customers satisfaction are the key factors for the correct functioning and success for GURELAN.

In accordance with this philosophy, GURELAN focuses its resources and capabilities in consolidating a dynamic and innovative company, with a team of committed and effective in carrying out their responsibilities, people able to respond adequately to the customers’ needs and expectations.