GURELAN Renews in its 50th Anniversary

GURELAN Renews in its 50th Anniversary

The incorporation of technology applied in pharmaceutical production processes improves the quality of the mycelium

Just after celebrating its 50 anniversary, GURELAN starts a new stage giving rise to important technological innovations. They have been working in 2014 on the installation of a new production line which incorporates pharmacy machinery with the latest technology.

Using these new reactors allows increasing the automation of the work processes, and consequently, allows getting a better adjustment on the parameters of the different subprocesses, as well as bigger control of their critical points that determine the COMMERCIAL SPAWN QUALITY. Innovative changes are also introduced in the treatment of raw materials and next generation additives are used, obtaining a mycelium in the exponential growth phase, young, vigorous and homogeneous.

But not everything changes. Controls and strict selection of the mycelium used as inoculum for the development of commercial spawn are maintained, on which are based the remarkable reliability of GURELAN products. Also, traceability is kept. The product is marked at the time of inoculation, and allows to identify each produced bag. This is an additional guarantee for the customer.

Keys to Understand the Changes

  • Incorporation of technologically advanced equipment used in technically requesting sectors such as pharmacy, which allow to develop a new production process with positive effects on the final product quality.
  • Processes automation, which makes easier controlling the parameters of temperature, pressure, humidity, time…, very important aspects in the different parts of the production process.
  • Improvements in the selection and treatment of the raw material and use of new generation additives.
  • Production of 9 kilos bags, facilitating the work in the composting plant.
  • Put in the market a final mycelium in young stages, with strength to grow, vigorous and that will develop perfectly in compost bags.