<em>Pleurotus pulmonarius</em> – variety PPU


  • Fleshy mushroom, from small to medium sized, depending on the number of fruiting bodies.
  • Brown coloured.
  • The lower the temperature is the darker the mushrooms colour will be.
  • Flat cap.

Growing Characteristics

  • Quick incubation and crop yielding.
  • It yields crops easily with high temperatures.
  • It yields consecutive crops easily.
  • It grows in a wide temperature range, but it develops better over 20ºC.


  • Temperature should not be allowed to rise for long periods over 30ºC during the INCUBATION period.
  • Sudden temperature changes should be avoided during the incubation period to prevent condensation in the substrate.
  • Once the incubation period is ended, the temperature should be lowered slowly.
  • When PINHEADS start to be visible through the packs’ holes, ventilation intensity can be raised.
  • During the GROWING PERIOD, relative air humidity should be kept between 82 and 87%.
  • CO2 levels should be kept as low as possible, maintaining the rest of the parameters.
  • Fruiting bodies should be harvested once the mushroom’s edge is straight and before it starts to break.
  • The watering should be controlled, because it tends to get moisture saturated and that decreases its shelf life.


For fresh market selling, either in bulk, or packed in trays.


From May to July.