Oyster Mushroom <em>(Pleurotus Ostreatus)</em> variety H9


  • Fleshy medium sized mushroom (6–13cm).
  • With a bluish color scheme at first, the lower the growing temperature the darker the colour

Growing Characteristics

  • Quick incubation and pinheading.
  • It pinheads easily below 20ºC.
  • It can grow between 5 and 20ºC, although the best crops will be obtained between 15/17ºC.


  • Temperature should not be allowed to rise for long periods over 30ºC during the INCUBATION period.
  • Sudden temperature changes should be avoided during the incubation period to prevent condensation in the substrate.
  • Once the incubation period is ended, the temperature should be lowered slowly.
  • When PINHEADS start to be visible through the packs’ holes, ventilation intensity can be raised.
  • During the GROWING PERIOD, relative air humidity should be kept between 82 and 87%.
  • CO2 levels should be kept as low as possible, maintaining the rest of the parameters.
  • Fruiting bodies should be harvested once the mushroom’s edge is straight and before it starts to break.
  • Avoid sudden temperature and moisture changes during the cultivation period, specially in season changing periods.


It is a very versatile mushroom. Depending on the number of fruiting bodies a mushroom for bulk selling can be collected, or for packaged selling.


All year long.