Button Mushroom <em>(Agaricus Bisporus)</em> variety 55


  • Colour: Smooth white.
  • Size: Medium, depending on the number of fruiting bodies.
  • Shape: Domed and thick cap, with a straight cylindrical stalk.

Growing Characteristics

  • It needs good quality compost, correctly finished, and an optimum moisture content that should oscillate between 68% and 72%.
  • Quick growth in the incubation period (12–14 days), as also in the soil covering invasion.
  • It easily yields a crop.
  • Its incubation strength and speed makes it possible to germinate and yield good crops with compost of very different qualities.


  • The moisture content of the CASING SOIL should be high to keep a rough, thick and lumpy texture. This way, the mycelium that invades the casing soil will develop thick filaments that will help to transport the nutrients to the fruiting bodies. The quality of this mycelium that invades the casing soil, will determine the number and size of the mushrooms.
  • The structure of the casing soil should be maintained to allow transpiration and prevent it from compacting; else diseases could appear at the end of the cycle.
  • During mycelial growth on casing soil, a high relative humidity and CO2 concentration should be kept, ventilating only to prevent the compost temperature from surpassing 30ºC.
  • PINHEADING induction should be done in the moment the mycelium is starting to show on the casing soil. It’s not recommended to let the compost temperature drop below 20ºC to prevent overfructification.
  • In order to harvest medium/large sized fruit bodies, it’s enough to lower the room temperature to 21ºC, taking care to keep the air movement low, to prevent getting too many mushrooms.
  • The pinheading range conditions are wider than in other varieties (between 15ºand 21ºC), but temperature will affect the number of pinheads and the mushroom quality.
  • The CO2 concentration during pinheading should not descend below 1.500 ppm.
  • The level of CO2 after that moment should be kept between 1.500 and 2.000 ppm.
  • If CO2 levels are too high, it will cause a lengthening of the stalks and the mushrooms will open prematurely.
  • This variety yields a crop very quickly, being able to harvest big crops and for a long time, so it is possible to see the pinheads of the next crop before the first one has finished growing. It is recommended to keep a mild and continuous ventilation, always in the conditions specified above.


This strain is suitable for canned mushrooms. According to the number of fruiting bodies, a good quality mushroom for canning and also medium/large sized mushrooms will be collected.


All year long.