<em>Shiitake</em> – variety L11


  • Medium sized mushroom.
  • Variety tipodonko,with a thick dark and furrowed cap.
  • Firm , consistent and fine flavoured flesh.
  • Very productive.

Growing Characteristics

  • Quick incubation and crop yielding.
  • Ideal for sterile substrates.
  • Temperature range: between10/20ºC, the optimal temperature is between 15/18ºC.


  • Temperature should not be allowed to rise over 30ºC during the INCUBATION period.
  • Sudden temperature changes should be avoided during the incubation period to prevent condensation in the substrate.
  • During the GROWING PERIOD room CO2 concentration should be kept under 900 ppm.
  • With a sterile substrate, rehydrating the substrate might be necessary between different crops.
  • Fruiting bodies should be harvested once the mushroom’s edge is extended a 70%.


It is a great quality mushroom for selling in high quality specialized, or luxury markets.

Recommended sowing season

Al year long, depending on the conditions of the cultivation facilities.


  • Spawn is produced under request.
  • Time necessary to prepare the request: 6 weeks.